How do I earn loyalty points?

Provide each merchant your member card or phone number to earn points with every in-store purchase.

How do I redeem my loyalty rewards?

First of all, you must have a registered Small Shops member account in order to redeem rewards. Once you have your account, you can redeem your rewards the same way you earned them. Provide your Member Card or phone number to the merchant at the point of purchase, and let your server know your intention to redeem.

Can I earn new points when redeeming loyalty rewards?

Yes, provided the purchase amount is larger than the amount you’re redeeming, of course. (Example: A member redeeming $10 on a $25 purchase will earn new points on the $15 spent after discount)

Can I earn credits with one merchant and then spend those credits with another merchant?

The quick answer is no. We have setup separate "purses" for each merchant so they may customize their program to best fit their business needs. Credits earned with one business may only be redeemed with that same merchant; however, businesses with multiple locations may choose to 'group' their locations, in which case credits may be earned and redeemed interchangeably across locations.

How can I get an official Small Shops member card?

Small Shops member cards are included with every Gift Package purchase, or you can reach out to us through the Contact Us link and request one by mail.

Do I need a Small Shops member card?

Not at all! We’ve made it very flexible and convenient to earn points and redeem Perks using your phone number (just make sure it’s the phone number associated with your member account).

What is a Gift Package?

A gift package is like a local coupon book that doesn’t require physical coupons. It includes a collection of one-time Perks from great local spots, which can be redeemed in-stores using a single member card (included with your package). And, if you don’t have your card with you, no worries… you can also use your phone number to redeem the offers!

How frequently can I redeem each Gift Package offer?

Each offer may be redeemed one time during the calendar year.

How do I redeem my Gift Package Perks?

It’s simple! We include a member card with each package. Hand your card to each merchant, then indicate your intention to redeem their “Perk Offer”. If you forget your card, simply provide your phone number. The merchant can then access your account through their Small Shops device, redeem the offer, and apply the savings to your bill.

How do I send Gift Packages to friends?

Oh, we made this so easy for you! When you get to the Gift Package checkout, indicate the number of packages you'd like to purchase, and the address you'd like them shipped. We allow for one address per order.

Can I add multiple Gift Packages to my account?

While we encourage the purchase of multiple packages as gifts ideas, we allow members to apply only one Gift Package to their own account per year.

How do I activate my Gift Package?

Find the ‘Redeem Access Code’ link in the footer of the website, or in the drop down beneath your name in the upper right-hand corner of your member dashboard. Then simply follow the prompts to redeem your code and link your new card.